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We are the only company that offers specialty coated wedding rings and bands.  Our unique process was originally intended for use in sporting goods; such as guns and bows and also automotive parts.

We have taken this process to a new level of creativity.  You can be assured it is very durable and should last for years.  If you have any quesitons or comments, please email or call us. 
The process of coating your rings is called Hydrographic Printing or Camo Dipping.  This is the same process we use to coat gun stocks, bows, automotive parts and various other sporting goods.  The only difference is that each ring we coat requires extra special attention.  These are NOT painted on camo paint, but high quality camo pattern graphics that have been hydrographically imprinted on the rings.
Due to the small size of the ring or band, our specialty dipping artists must individually coat each ring to insure a great pattern on every band.  This requires skill and patience.  If we do not get the result we want, we will start it over until the quality is acheived. 
Prior to the dipping, your ring will be hand prepped and very lightly sandblasted to help with adhesion of painting process. Next, the ring will recieve 2 primer coats and 2 base coats (background color).  After the dipping process we will coat your ring with a high quality, very durable clear finish that will protect the pattern from most damage from daily wear.   This process is time consuming and you can be assured that we stand behind our quality.
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I rec'd my ring today. OMG - it looks great.

You did such a wonderful job and have been so nice and helpful to me.

I will absolutely pass your business name around. Thank you so very much. Have a great day, thanks again, D.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Thanks so much!! Now I just have to try it on him while he's sleeping! :D - S.
The rings looked awesome.  They were the hit of our camo wedding!  Thanks for getting them to us in time!    J
You have gone above and beyond my expectations!  I will tell everyone I know about your rings!   - T. L.
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We just wanted to say thank you for the ring!  We received my fiances ring this weekend in the mail and he absolutely loves it.   The website and photos do not convey what the rings look like.  He wanted to send a special thank you and can't wait to start wearing it.

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Thank you very much for the ring! It turned out wonderful and got to us on time for our anniversary. My husband loves it! He is showing it proudly to everyone he sees. I'm very pleased with the job you did on it. Thanks again!

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Each camo ring is custom coated to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for standard orders.
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