Camouflage Pattern Choices

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This image represents the pattern size for wild oak along with the size of a quarter.  If you are wondering why we cannot get all this camo on one small ring, this image gives you a better understanding of why.
Custom Camo Coatings for your own ring
Our camo patterns are shown below.  Keep in mind that the patterns you see below are alot larger in real life.  This means that because the rings are so small, we can only get a partial pattern per ring.  We do our best to pick a place in the pattern that will be well suited for such a small item. 
Please see the pictures of the rings we have coated as examples of each print. 

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Custom Created by
The "Redneck"
Wedding Ring
Want to send in your own band to be coated?
Camo Coating services starts at $30-$55 per ring.

  • Stones should be removed if possible (optional) prior to shipping to us.
  • Fill out the form, print it out and send it with your ring(s)
  • Receive your coated ring in 2-4 weeks

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1-877-780-CAMO ext 2
Note: Please read our policies page prior to ordering. 
There are NO refunds on any custom coated camo ring.  We will be happy to exchange rings as needed.
We offer whole or half sizes only. 1/4 sizes are not available.
Each ring is custom coated to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for standard orders.
Each ring is custom coated to order. Please allow up to 4 weeks for standard orders. Rush orders are available for an extra charge.
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