Camo Rings

The process of coating your rings is called Hydrographic Printing or Camo Dipping. This is the same process we use to coat gun stocks, bows, automotive parts and various other sporting goods. The only difference is that each ring we coat requires extra special attention. These are NOT painted on camo paint, but high quality camo pattern graphics that have been hydrographically imprinted on the rings. Due to the small size of the ring or band, our specialty dipping artists must individually coat each ring to insure a great pattern on every sandblasted to help with adhesion of painting process. Next, the ring will recieve 2 primer coats and 2 base coats (background color). After the dipping process we will coat your ring with a high quality, very durable clear finish that will protect the pattern from most damage from daily wear. This process is time consuming and you can be assured that we stand behind our quality.For more info, please visit