Custom Cake Topper - Your choice of colors/styles

Custom Cake Topper - Your choice of colors/styles

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Custom Cake Toppers


This is a NEW item just in time for the wedding season.  Perfect for any country or outdoors couples.  

These custom laser cut toppers can be ordered in either Gloss Black or Gloss white in Acrylic or for an extra charge, Camo coated using our unique sublifusion process on a special "hardboard" in any camo pattern you want.  

Examples: Mossy Oak, Blaze orange camo, Buck skulls, Military camos,  flames, etc.  For some examples, you can visit our brother page at  All patterns will be resized down to fit, so more camo will show.

We can even do special colors (like wedding colors), patterns such as woodgrains, carbon fibers, or leave it to your imagination.  

Acrylic (Black or white) will be the same color on both sides, whereas the camo pattern hardboard will be brown on one side.  

All cake toppers have "spikes" to insert into the cake to keep from falling over.

If you have your own idea for an image or laser cut, let us know, we can also design your own unique cake topper starting at $75. 

  • Topper #1  - Buck/Doewith One Heart -7 inches tall by 5 inches wide (not including spike)
  • Topper #2 - Buck/Doe kissing with two hearts -7 inches tall by 5 inches wide (not including spike)
  • Topper #3 - Cowboy/Cowgirl with two hearts - 6.5 inches tall by 5.4 inches wide (not including spike)
  • Topper #4 - Cowboy/Cowgirl on Fence - 4.5 inches tall by 6.8 inches wide (not including spike)
  • Mr. & Mrs Buck topper
  • Mr. & Mrs Buck with YOUR LAST NAME ($20 extra)

See images below to see how they will look.  

**Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.   All items are shipped out USPS Priority Mail in a padded box.

**Click the largest image below and it will enlarge so you can scroll through all images.