Warranty, Returns & Care

CamoRing®, WildTrax® and Buck Ring general Info

Our Custom Camo rings have been coated with a special process that is the same used by car, sporting goods and gun manufactures. The only difference is that we add an additional specially formulated clear coat finish to help be resistant to damage and everyday wears.  Keep in mind that these rings are not indestructible, which is why we offer a warranty.   If you loose a stone or damage your ring, give us a call, we may be able to help. See below for return, exchange and re-coating info:

CamoRing.com Care Instructions

Refund Policy

Sorry we do not offer refunds on worn custom camo coated rings, no exceptions. 

If your Camo ring is brand new, unworn, undamaged, then yes, we can refund you payment, less shipping and with a 20% return fee on custom coated rings and 10% on in stock (non-custom) rings.  We do NOT refund shipping costs. 

If you are not satisfied with your custom Camo coated ring after you have worn it for a bit, we will re-coat it in a new pattern or exchange it for another of equal or lesser value at no additional charge to you.  

You can also choose to upgrade your ring for a fee. We are not responsible for shipping fees.

We do accept refunds on WildTrax, Buck rings, if returned in unworn, undamaged condition with original receipt. Shipping costs are non-refundable.  

We are not responsible for damage due to daily wear or misuse on Buck or Wildtrax rings.  We do not warranty these rings, as the coating is done by factory and we cannot refinish them. If you need a replacement, we can offer you another at a discounted rate. Call us.

 Ring Exchanges

If your ring does not fit and you want to exchange it, we will be happy to do so. 

The exchange is a $25 flat fee to cover the new coating and re-shipping of your new ring.  We do NOT resize any rings as we do not offer jewelry services. 

If you have a worn ring, and you need another size, you can take it to a jeweler and see if they will resize it for you (Silver rings only) and then you are welcome to send it back for a fresh new camo coating at no charge if under the one year warranty. $25 if not.  

Titanium and Stainless Steel rings CANNOT be resized and will need to be exchanged. Worn rings can be exchanged for a new ring in the size you need for $45.

WildTrax and Buck rings can be exchanged at NO CHARGE if sent in new unworn condition to the address below, using the exchange form.

The customer is responsible for shipping to us, always ship rings back in a box, not an envelope unless it is padded. Please allow about 7-10 days for completion of your new ring.

You can send payment with your ring exchange or we can bill you online once we receive your ring back.  We are not responsible for lost rings, so please insure it. Print, fill out and send the online exchange form here:

CamoRing.com Exchange form

All silver rings can be resized or soldered by a jeweler if need be.  This process will remove the camo coating, but you can have it recoated at no charge once it is resized as long as you still are under our warranty.

Renewable Warranty

If your ring's camo coating becomes damaged within the first year, we will recoat it at no charge to you. After the first year, ring recoating is only $25.  If you have your ring recoating within the warranty covered year, your warranty will automatically renew for another year.  :)

Camo Refinishing/Recoating service

Whether you chip your ring playing sports or it starts to wear from everyday use, you can send it back for camo refinishing.  You can also choose to have the same camo pattern or pick something different.  Once recoated, your ring's warranty will extend another year.  We stand behind our camo rings, and want our customers to always have the best coating possible!  Our coating process is tedious and time consuming, but the outcome if wonderful.  We coat item for Military jobs to everyday hunters.  We have the best warranty out there for any rings on the market today!  If you have questions about our camo ring coatings or have issues please do not hesitate to give us a call. 

Please fill out the appropriate form below:

Warranty Recoating form

Out of Warranty Recoating form


If you still need a return after reading the above, please click here to process your return: 

Process Your Return

Let us know if you have any questions. 

Email us at info@camoring.com

Please send all returns, exchange and recoats to:


PO Box 272

Montesano, Wa   98563